4Lobos Konkani Radio Station

4Lobos Konkani Radio Station:  Use this link to listen to 4Lobos Konkani Radio Station. This Station Plays Konkani Music for all Konkani Music Lovers.  In some countries it is Geo-blocked and you can hear the message that ” This Station is not available in your country”

If you hear the message that it is not available in your country means it is Geo-blocked by Radionomy.Please wait until they lift the block to listen to this station. To play it on your android smart phones or tablets you can also try this this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsforlife.goaradio So install the app and Click 4lobos to Listen to this Station.

You can a lose listen to direct streams in countries which are not geo-blocked on this link : 4lobos Konkani Radio Station direct streams

You can now listen from your BlackBerry,Android and iPhone devices just click the below buttons and install the apps on your smart phones:
For BlackBerry phones: nobex-for-bb_button.png
For Android phones: Get it on Google Play
For Iphones: